Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services

Juvenile Detention OfficeJuvenile Detention and Diversion Services (JDDS) provides a variety of services to youth and families in Linn County. The primary sources of funding are Linn County tax dollars and money provided through purchase of service agreements with the Iowa Department of Human Services. Juvenile Detention and Diversion Services is a division of the Linn County Community Services Department.

Our mission is to provide secure temporary residential care for youth, ages 12 to 18 years, who are or are alleged to be delinquent, and who pose a threat to themselves or to the community.

Guiding Principles
  • JDDS promises to treat those served with respect and dignity, to acknowledge their self worth and individuality, and to provide them services that are based on their needs.
  • JDDS will provide their residents a safe and healthy environment that seeks to meet the emotional, as well as the physical, needs of the youth.
  • JDDS will operate in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner and will produce measurable outcomes consistent with the needs of those served.
  • JDDS will work cooperatively and courteously with referring agents, collateral, family members, and the public to shape services that meet the needs of both the youth and the community.