Purchasing Department

The Linn County Purchasing Division handles the procurement of goods and services for the county. The goal of the Purchasing Division is to ensure that the county receives the best products and services at the lowest possible price by:

  • Providing consistent, cost-effective, and timely procurement support to all county departments and autonomous boards
  • Encouraging an environment of equal opportunity, fairness, honesty, and integrity with our customers and suppliers, while adhering to applicable laws
  • Ensuring a good return on investment of the tax dollar
The Purchasing Division is also responsible for the operation of the county's mailroom.


The Purchasing Division is responsible for the operation of the county’s mailroom. The mailroom processes all incoming and outgoing mail for all departments located at the Public Service Center. The mailroom offers all county locations increased access between departments via an inter-department courier route.

In an effort to improve cooperation between governmental agencies and reduce tax payer expenses, the Linn County mailroom also process all outgoing mail for the City of Cedar Rapids. County and city mail are combined and processed at a reduced presort rate.