Historic Preservation Commission


The Linn County Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of nine Linn County residents who work to identify, preserve, and protect historic structures. 

Members are volunteers appointed by the 
Board of Supervisors for a three-year term. They possess an interest or expertise in architecture, architectural history, historic preservation, planning, building rehabilitation, conservation in general, or real estate. Current members are:

  • Maura Pilcher, Chair
  • Michael LeClere, Vice Chair
  • Patricia Soukup, Secretary
  • Nancy Goodlove
  • Brent Harstad
  • Amanda Happel
  • Mary Ottoson
  • Connie Robinson
  • Richard Thomas

About the Commission

Linn County is a Certified Local Government (CLG) for Historic Preservation in the State of Iowa. 

The Linn County Historic Preservation Commission's primary duties involve the built environment. The commission's responsibilities are outlined in the State Historical Society of Iowa January 2007 publication, Iowa’s Certified Local Government Program: How to Apply for and Maintain CLG Status

For the complete publication, visit the official Iowa History website.

The commission also administers and monitors the Linn County Historic Preservation Grant Program.