Plans & Accounts

Deferred Compensation Plan (All Employees)

Employees may enroll in an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 457 deferred compensation plan and contribute to the plan through payroll deduction.

Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS)

Mandatory state retirement system for all public employees. Each biweekly payroll, the county will deduct 5.95% from your gross wages and add 8.93% of your gross wages.

For law enforcement employees, the county will deduct 9.63% and the county will add 9.63%.

For conservation peace officers, the county will deduct 6.56% and the county will add 9.84%.

Flexible Spending Account (IRS Section 125) (All Employees)

This plan includes health, dental, and life insurance deductions on a pretax basis and pretax deductions for medical and dependent care reimbursement accounts.
  • Dependent Care Account: $5,000/year
  • Medical Account: $2,550/year