Patrol Division

        Patrol Vehicle

Patrol is the most visible of the divisions.  It provides primary uniformed law enforcement protection for the unincorporated areas of Linn County.  In addition, the Patrol Division provides contractual law enforcement services for 12 towns in Linn County (Alburnett, Bertram, Center Point, Central City, Coggon, Ely, Fairfax, Palo, Prairieburg, Springville, Walford and Walker).  The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the major thoroughfares in Linn County and over 1,200 miles of secondary roadway that traverse through the unincorporated areas of Linn County.

The Patrol Division includes the specialty units of:
•           Accident Investigation
•           Bomb Squad
•           School Resource Officer
•           Immediate Response Unit (SWAT team)
•           K-9 
•           Rescue 57 – a paramedic level rescue service that responds to all EMS calls
            in the county, excluding Cedar Rapids and Marion

Additionally, one Patrol Division deputy is assigned fulltime to the local US Marshal warrant task force.

In FY17, the Patrol Division:
•           Logged 887,171 miles patrolling the county
•           Responded to over 39,871 calls for service
•           Investigated 748 traffic accidents
•           Made 1,317 arrests
•           Served 1,322 warrants
•           Performed 2,553 motorist assists
•           Issued 5,345 traffic citations and 6,429 warnings
•           Logged over 12,952 hours of contractual law enforcement service in the          
            11 contract towns in Linn County.