Healthy Homes

Healthy House
The healthy house picture shows the seven principles of a healthy home, keep it maintained, pest free, clean, dry, safe, well ventilated, and contaminant free. If these principles are applied, you can have a healthy home whether you live in a newly constructed home or one built over 100 years ago.

Healthy House

The Environmental Protection Agency offers a virtual tour of indoor air quality issues found in your home.

Seven Principles of a Healthy Homes
  1. Keep me Maintained: Poorly maintained homes are at risk for fall and trip injuries, moisture intrusion, and pest problems. Deteriorated paint in older housing (pre-1978) can prevent a lead-based paint hazard. Each year, 1,100 to 1,500 children are newly diagnosed as lead poisoned.
  2. Keep me Pest-Free: Cockroaches and mice are asthma triggers. Pests can contaminate food and destroy property. Pesticides used to treat cockroaches, mice, and bedbugs can exacerbate health problems. Americans use more than a billion pounds of pesticides each year. Every 13 seconds in the U.S., a poison control center answers a call about a possible poisoning. More than 90% of these exposures occur in the home.
  3. Keep me Clean: Dust mites are an asthma trigger. Clutter provides food and harborage for some pests and can present a trip hazard.
  4. Keep me Dry: Damp houses provide a nurturing environment for mites, roaches, rodents, and mold, all of which can be asthma triggers.
  5. Keep me Safe: Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all children ages 0 to 19. Every day, approximately 8,000 children in the U.S. are treated in emergency departments for fall related injuries. This adds up to approximately 2.8 million children each year.  
  6. Keep me Ventilated: Increasing the fresh air supply in a home helps improve respiratory health.
  7. Keep me Contaminant-Free: Chemical exposures include radon, carbon monoxide, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and environmental tobacco smoke. 
Linn County Healthy Homes supports families in their desire to have a healthy and safe living environment through promotion of healthy homes concepts in the community by means of education, assessment, and collaboration.