Mental Health

The daily stress caused by COVID-19, physical distancing, the August 10 derecho, and a resulting financial crisis have had a big impact on our community. It is normal to experience feelings of isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty in this abnormal situation. Additionally, the events of the last year have only intensified feelings among those living with poor mental health or a mental illness. Prioritizing your mental health and staying connected to your family, friends, and community is more important than ever.

Help during a mental health crisis: 
  1. General Resources
  2.  COVID & Mental Health Support
  3. Parents & Caregivers
  4. Employers & Employees

Supporting mental healthEducation, Outreach & Advocacy

  • Make It OK: Website offering resources and education to outreach and advocacy
  • NAMI Iowa: Website offering support groups and education to outreach and advocacy

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Support