COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1b

Linn County Public Health (LCPH) will designate equal amounts of vaccine among persons 65 and older and populations vulnerable to high risk of exposure or severity of illness, beginning with identified Phase 1B Tier 1 populations.

 View, print, and share our "Linn County COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution for Phase 1B" Infographic, HERE.

Eligible Phase 1B Populations

  1. Tier 1
  2. Adults 65+
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Vaccine Distro Phases_Phase1b Tier1

First Responder, Childcare Worker, PK-12 School Staff

On February 1, first responders (including police officers, firefighters, and child welfare social workers), education and childcare workers became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine remains in short supply and not everyone in Phase 1B will be able to get vaccine right away. It may take weeks to months for the Phase 1B populations to receive vaccine. There is no need to contact your primary care provider to set up a vaccine appointment. Eligible individuals within this population will receive their opportunity for the COVID-19 vaccine through their employer. Please direct vaccine appointment questions to your employer's management team. If you have general questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, see the FAQ's listed below or contact LCPH at (319) 892-6097.

Due to the limited supply of vaccine, vaccine will be prioritized to identified groups within Phase 1B Tier 1. Considerations for prioritization within Tier 1 include high risk of exposure, severity of illness, and ensuring sustainability of frontline workers. Additionally, Tier 1 agencies and organizations will be asked to prioritize vaccine within their organization. Vaccine will be offered to the following populations in Tier 1, in order of priority:  

Tier 1 Prioritization


  • Law enforcement
  • Fire department personnel
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Early Childhood Education staff
  • School transportation staff
  • Childcare Centers with 10 or more staff
  • PreK-5th Grade building teachers and staff
  • Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff working with PreK- 5th grade students
  • Childcare Centers with 4-9 staff
  • 6th-8th Grade building teachers and staff
  • Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff working with 6th-8th grade students
  • Childcare Centers with 1-3 staff
  • 9th-12th Grade building teachers and staff
  • Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff working with 9th-12th grade students
  • Child Welfare Social Workers
  • Extracurricular teachers
  • Tutors and staff of tutoring centers
  • Administration staff not associated with a specific building
  • Persons 65 years and older who are providing childcare for family members, if not previously vaccinated


LCPH is compiling information from employers to help link you and your staff to agencies administering the COVID-19 vaccine as it becomes available. LCPH has recently developed an employer vaccine form for employers interested in offering COVID-19 vaccine to their employees. 

  • Employers who have employees in Phase 1B should complete the form now, if they have not done so already. Phase 1A populations that have not yet received vaccine can still complete the form. 
  • Those that have already completed the form do not need to do so again.
  • It is best to access the form in Chrome. 
  • We recommend filling out the comments section with exactly what you do, where you go, and what patient contact you have (if any). This helps LCPH place you accordingly for vaccine.
  • Complete the form.