Service Coordination Client Counseling

The Service Coordination / Client Counseling Program provides case management and/or counseling to people who are mentally retarded or otherwise developmentally disabled. This program has received official approval as a case management agency from the State of Iowa Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Developmentally Disabled Commission.

Case Management Duties
Case managers carry out the following activities:
  • Assessment: Gathering all the information needed to provide a comprehensive picture of a person’s strengths, needs, and desires
  • Coordination: Maintaining communication with the client, with all those providing services, and with other professionals in order to ensure that all are working toward the same goal in a consistent manner
  • Crisis Intervention: Giving an immediate response to changes in circumstances that call for either temporary or permanent changes in the plan
  • Implementation: Providing whatever assistance is necessary to help the client obtain the services or become involved in programs that will facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives identified in the plan
  • Monitoring: Gathering specific data on progress toward goals and objectives and adjustment in the plan whenever necessary
  • Planning: Developing an individualized comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of person’s strengths, needs, and desires; done by an interdisciplinary team that includes the client and often the client’s family
More Information
If you have questions or concerns about case management staff or people who are already receiving services, contact Maggie Beavers at 319-892-5620.

If you have questions about transition, or regarding people who will be getting services for the first time, contact Jane Trobaugh at 319-892-5620.