Applying for Funds

  • People who have a mental illness, intellectual disability, or developmental disability
  • Meet specified income and asset guidelines
  • Have residency in Linn County
  • Professional assessments have determined that the services are needed
Call the Intake Office at (319) 892-5671 to get an enrollment form and make an appointment. The enrollment form may also be downloaded from this website. Applicants will be required to provide proof of factors related to eligibility, such as identification, income, bank accounts, and documentation of disability.

All Linn County access points also have the form. Access points are all local providers of services under contract with Linn County, as well as schools, the local Department of Human Services, and the local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The list of providers can be reviewed in the County Management Plan for Mental Health and Development Disabilities (MHDD) Services.

You will either receive a letter that says you are eligible or you will receive a service authorization. The service authorization will explain what services were approved, any reason for denials, and the appeal procedure. Our goal is to provide applicants with a service authorization within five working days after we receive the application.

Form Assistance
Applicants may complete the form themselves or receive assistance from Linn County staff. We will be glad to help you fill out the enrollment form if you need help. Call (319)892-5671 with questions.