Finance Division

The Finance Division oversees the Sheriff's Office $23 million dollar budget. In addition, it is responsible for $5.9 million dollars of revenue. The revenue is generated from civil procedures, grants, court fines, room and board, care of prisoners, in addition to other revenue sources. The Finance Division controls all financial activities of the Sheriff's Office. This includes audit reporting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and grant monitoring.

This division assists individual's with payment plans for their outstanding court debt. In most cases, this enables the individual to obtain a valid driver's license or register a vehicle. If necessary, this division also utilizes wage garnishments to collect past due court debt.

Any individual can access Iowa Courts to view public charges and the amount due for past court debt. The Sheriff's Office collects court debt as a service to provide individuals an opportunity to pay their past due court fines while obtaining their driver's license or renewing their vehicle registration. This is beneficial for the individual and also reduces the burden on taxpayers.

Another responsibility of the Finance Division is scheduling jail time. Scheduling must be done in person within 15 days of the court order date; failure to schedule will result in a warrant for your arrest. 

Pay the Sheriff's Office for your current payment plan and Room & Board online.
The minimum online payment is $50.