County Clerk Services

Board Agendas, Meetings & Minutes
The Board of Supervisors normally meets in informal sessions on Monday and Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. Formal meetings are normally held on Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. Agendas are required to be posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting; however, emergency items can be added at the discretion of the board.

Formal meetings occur when public hearings are held and when items requiring formal board action are scheduled.

Board of Supervisors minutes are listed by date. Official minutes are included in the listing as they are approved by the board. This means the official minutes are never posted the same day they are taken, e.g., minutes taken on a Wednesday may not be posted until the following Tuesday or later.

Audio Recordings
On November 23, 2009, the auditor began recording audio of the Board meetings and on April 21, 2015, the auditor began recording video of the Board meetings - see Board of Supervisors agendas and official minutes of meetings or go to . 

Audio and video recordings of the meetings are considered to be unofficial minutes. Meetings are never 100% transcribed and the law does not require transcribed minutes. 
Liquor Licenses & Beer Permits
Licensing a business to sell and serve alcoholic beverages is a cooperative effort between the county and state. Applications for the licenses can be obtained at the Auditor's Office or online and must be filed with the auditor who will collect the appropriate fees, order inspections, and obtain approval from the Board of Supervisors. The application, related documents, and fees are sent to the State Alcoholic Beverages Division for issuance.

Cigarette Permits
Iowa Retail Cigarette Permits are issued by the Auditor's Office and approval from the Board of Supervisors is required. Applications can be obtained at the Auditor's Office, on the web, or via tax fax at 1-800-572-3943 (form #0170014).

Fireworks Permits
Fireworks permits are required for the display of fireworks and are issued by the Auditor's Office. The operator of the display must be certified as a display fireworks operator by the Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc.; possess a current, valid fireworks license; or demonstrate an equivalent degree of formal fireworks safety training and experience to the satisfaction of the Board of Supervisors.

Fireworks Documents