Foreclosure Sales Upcoming and Completed

Foreclosure sales are conducted by the Sheriff's Office. These sales involve real estate of the defendant(s), but may also involve personal property. In both cases, property is levied upon, offered for sale and the proceeds will be applied towards a judgement against the defendant(s).

  • Your attorney should be consulted prior to bidding at Sheriff's sale.
  • All sales are held at the Linn County Sheriff's Office, unless otherwise noted on the notice of Sheriff's sale.
  • Sales noticed are posted in three public locations and published twice prior to the sale date in the legal notice section of a newspaper. The Sheriff's Office currently posts notices at the Linn County Courthouse, Marion Public Library and the Linn County Recorder's Office and publishes notices in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.
  • All sales are listed as cash sales. We may hold your bid with a personal check and a letter of guarantee from the same bank (subject to you returning with a cashiers check within two hours).
  • The Sheriff's Office does not guarantee clear title to any property purchased at the sale. Liens maybe attached to the property.
  • Forfeiture bids may start with the judgement holder. Sales involving personal property require an opening bid of 2/3 of the appraised value unless otherwise stated.
  • Some sales may have a redemption period.
  • With a general execution involving real estate, the defendant's rights, title and interest are being sold.