Gun Permits

Due to COVID-19, effective Tuesday, March 24, the public will have to utilize the following options when applying for a weapons permit.

  • Download Permit to Acquire application or Permit to Carry application
  • Fill out and sign the application
  • Include a COLOR copy of your driver’s license or non-driver identification card with current address. If you do not have this, we require a photo ID (such as a passport) and a current utility bill that includes your name and current address.
  • Include a training certificate, if applicable. (Only required for a Permit to Carry application and the training must be within last two years.) We accept prior military training, provided you were given an Honorable Discharge. If you are currently in the military, we require proof of Basic Training and Small Firearms Training. 
  • Include a personal check for the fees (see fees list below). Make checks payable to the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Place items in a sealed envelope and mail to: Linn County Sheriff’s Office, Attn: Weapons Permit, 310 2nd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
  • OR leave the envelope in our Drug Drop Box, which is located in the parking lot on the west side of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • OR submit all of the required information electronically to Once the weapons permit is processed and approved, a staff member will contact you for payment. Be sure to include a current phone number in your email message, so we are able contact you.

Iowa Code Requirements

Applicants must show proof that they have met the requirements set forth in Iowa Code Chapter 724 (PDF) before receiving a permit.

Applying (Acquire or Carry)

The application process must be done in person, they will not be accepted by fax, mail or email. To apply for a permit to acquire (PDF) or a permit to carry (PDF) a weapon (professional or nonprofessional) applicants must be 21 years of age and show a valid ID, on which the address must be current and in this County. If address is not current on ID, you will need to bring with you a recent utility bill in your name. If you have not had a Permit to Carry since 1/1/2011 you will be required to provide proof of completion of a National Rifle Association (NRA) handgun safety training or proof of an Honorable Discharge from active duty. Training is not required for a Permit to Acquire. 

A professional permit also requires an employer’s authorization on the application, along with a letter on company letterhead stating they are employed with that company and requests the individual to carry a weapon while on duty.

You must be in line prior to 4:30 pm as it will take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete the application process. If you arrive after 4:30 pm you will be asked to return the next business day. The process for the permit to carry can take up to 30 days before the permit is mailed to you. The information will be reviewed and a background check is conducted before the permit is issued. The Sheriff’s Office process for the purchase permit can take up to 5 days. 

Renewal Applications for Carry Permit

A person wishing to renew a Permit to Carry Weapons must apply within 30 days before the permit expires, or within 30 days after the permit expires, otherwise the higher NEW permit fee must be charged.

** Please note that while a permit can be renewed within 30 days after it expires, a person whose permit has expired should not go armed in a fashion that requires a permit until a person has renewed their permit. 


New Permit ........... $50
 Renewal ................ $25
 Duplicate .............. $25
 Permit to Acquire $25

Training for Renewals

A person who holds (or held) a permit issued on or after 1/1/2011 is not required to complete another training course to renew or obtain a new permit to carry weapons, however, please note that even though re‐training is not required, completing another training course or taking other steps to learn about law changes could be highly beneficial to a person who intends to go armed.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office does not endorse any firearms training class or instructor but we do believe that good quality training is vitally important to your safety and the safety of the general public You may take the handgun safety training class from any certified instructor, as defined in Iowa Code section 724.9.

Uniform Permit Cards

The weapons permit cards are now uniform appearance, size, and content across the State of Iowa. These cards can no longer be used for identification purposes.

Forms/Helpful Links

  • 2017 Law Changes FAQ: (PDF) Contains answers to frequently asked questions on the new weapons law. This form is provided by the Iowa Department of Public Safety.
  • Weapons Iowa Code Section Chapter 724
  • ATF - (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) to answer your questions pertaining to Short Barreled Shotguns, Suppressors or Sale/Purchase of Firearms
  • HF517 and HF516 Changes Effective 7/1/17