Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Services During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, Linn County has closed most buildings to the public once again to help reduce community spread of the virus and to help ensure continuity of County services. The closure will remain in effect until public health conditions improve and allow for modifications.

You may call our office to purchase a license over the phone wit a credit card; however most licenses can be purchased from the Iowa DNR. We encourage the public to continue using these remote service options. 

To view current Hunting and Trapping Regulations, visit the DNR website.

To view current Fishing Regulations, visit the DNR website.

For questions about DNR, please call 319-892-5420 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

License TypeIowa Resident FeeNonresident Fee
Seven-Day Fishing$15.50$32.00
Three-Day FishingN/A$17.50
One-Day Fishing$10.50$10.50
Lifetime Fishing$61.50N/A
Hunting (Under 18)$19.00$32.00
Hunting (18 and Over)$22.00$144.00
Hunt Habitat$15.00N/A
Lifetime Hunting$61.50N/A
Duck (Migratory Bird)$11.50$11.50
Fur Harvester (Under 16)$7.50$247.00
Fur Harvester (16 and Over)$26.00$247.00