GIS Division

GIS is a division of Linn County’s Information Technology Department.

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer technology that combines geographic data (the location of human-made and natural features on the earth's surface) and other types of information (names, classifications, addresses and much more) to generate visual maps and reports. Linn County GIS is a multi-faceted program that supports and promotes coordinated "location-based" data development and access across jurisdictional and departmental boundaries.

Online Portal
The Linn County GIS Portal provides access to all of Linn County's GIS web maps, applications and data layers.

Printable Maps
The Linn County Printable Maps page provides download access to frequently requested maps. These maps are typically updated annually and are in PDF format.

Open Data
The Linn County Open Data portal provides open access to geospatial content within Linn County. Datasets are available for download in various formats including GeoJSON, SHP, CSV and others.


Statewide Data

Below are a few resources that contain GIS data for Linn County as well as other locations.