Conservation Board

Linn County Conservation Board


The Linn County Conservation Board strives to protect natural resources; promote health and wellness; strengthen safety and security: support economic development; increase environmental awareness; provide outdoor recreational experiences; foster human development; and strengthen community image and sense of place. Members are appointed by the Linn County Board of Supervisors to staggered five-year terms.

Board Members (five-year terms)

NameTerm Expires
Steve Emerson, President12/31/23
John Hanson, Vice President
Cindy Burke, Secretary12/31/24
Hillary Hughes12/31/22
George Kanz


Conservation Board meetings are usually held the fourth Monday of each month at 12 p.m. at Wickiup Hill Learning Center in Toddville (10260 Morris Hills Road). Board meetings are open to the public.

View Conservation Board Agendas and Minutes.


The Iowa State Legislature passed the County Conservation Law in 1955. That law, Chapter 350 of the Code of Iowa, gave counties the ability to create a county conservation board. The program is intended to acquire, develop, maintain and make available museums, parks, preserves, recreational centers, forests, wildlife and other conservation areas, in order to promote the health and general welfare of the people, encourage the conservation of natural resources, to cultivate good citizenship by providing programs of public recreation and for participation in watershed, drainage, and floor control programs for the purpose of increasing the recreational resources in the county.

The Linn County Conservation Board was established by popular vote in 1958. The role of the Conservation Board is to provide general oversight and make policy decisions to direct the conservation program.

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