National County Government Month

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National County Government Month 2019 logoApril is National County Government Month and is an opportunity to raise public awareness about county services, programs and responsibilities. National County Government Month is sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Why Counties Matter

County governments provide essential services to create healthy, vibrant and safe communities. Counties build infrastructure, maintain roads and bridges, provide public health and social services, administer justice, keep communities safe, run elections, keep vital records, build and maintain parks and recreational areas, and so much more.

Please take some time to learn about the services Linn County provides and how these services benefit you and your loved ones.

Linn County Working for You

Linn County government plays an important role in the lives of your family and community members. Learn more about how Linn County works for you.

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How does the Board of Supervisors work for you?

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Stay Informed

Linn County offers a variety of ways for the public to stay informed about programs, services and events within County government.

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Pictured Below

The Linn County Board of Supervisors proclaim (PDF) April as National County Government Month.

L-R: Supervisors Ben Rogers, Stacey Walker and Brent Oleson.

Board of Supervisors with National County Government Month Proclamation