Caucus Information

Partisan Caucuses

Each political party plans and holds a separate caucus in even numbered years to select delegates to the party's county convention. More attention is drawn to the Iowa Caucuses during presidential election cycles due to Iowa being the first in the nation and Iowa has no Presidential Primary Election.

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Important Information about Caucuses:

  • A caucus is not an election.
  • There are no absentee ballots for a caucus.
  • Election Services has no official part in the organization and execution of the caucuses.
  • Election Services does not tally or report any results of the caucuses.
  • Election Services does not maintain caucus results from the past.
  • Election Services will post caucus locations on our website, office and/or look-up tool.
  • Voters registered as Iowa Green or Libertarian are legally defined as "non party political organizations" (NPPOs) and do not hold caucuses or primaries.
  • You must register with the party whose caucus you attend.
  • You must be registered to vote to participate in a caucus, but you may register or change your registration at the caucus site for your precinct.
  • You must be eligible to vote by the general election date to participate in the caucus (18 years or older on or before the general election date in November).
  • It is best to contact the party of your choice for more information about the caucuses.

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By the Code of Iowa (§43.4), caucuses must be held "at least eight days earlier than the scheduled date for any meeting, caucus, or primary which constitutes the first determining stage of the presidential nominating process in any other state, territory, or any other group which has the authority to select delegates in the presidential nomination." Caucuses cannot be held any later than the fourth Monday in February of each even-numbered year.