Activities on Election Day

Watching the polls on Election Day

A poll watcher is a person who has official permission to be at the polling place on election day to watch the election process and to challenge voters that he/she believes are not eligible to vote.

Poll watchers may be there on behalf of:

  • Candidates who are on the ballot
  • Political parties and organizations
  • Groups that support or oppose a question on the ballot

Note: Groups that support or oppose questions on the ballot are not allowed to watch the polls at Primary or General elections.

The following people cannot be poll watchers:

  • A candidate who is on the ballot
  • Anyone currently in office if that office is on the ballot
  • Precinct Election Officials if they are already acting as a Precinct Election Official

Visit the Secretary of State’s website for resources for watching the polls:

Election Night Results

Our office collects results from all precincts on Election Night after the polls close.  We post results from the Absentee Precinct first and add results from polling places as they are reported.  We will provide a link to the reports on election night to any candidate or committee who wants the link (if available).

Contact our office before Election Day if you want a link to the results on election night. The link is usually available one week before the election (showing zero for all races).