Meet the Team

Rebecca Stonawski | Deputy Commissioner of Elections

Rebecca works with her team to provide effective election services.  Her main duties include handling questions from the public and media, working with the absentee board, communicating with school boards and city clerks, overseeing elections, and trouble shooting.  She is honored to serve and welcomes your communication

JJ  | Election Systems Administrator

Responsibilities:  Specialties:  Passions:
Voter Registration 
Training  Motorcycles
Precinct Official training Database development  Coffee
Ballot layout/programming Software development  Old Houses
Equipment maintenance    

Eric | Election Systems Administrator

Eric works with the voter registration database, addressing and election layers in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). He is a map and geo geek at heart. It’s the love of data, maps and GIS that makes the guy smile. Designing ballots and programming election equipment are other areas Eric works with.

Outside the office, Eric enjoys gardening and volunteering in his son’s Cub Scout den and pack.

Valerie  | Voter Outreach Coordinator

Valerie will be seen out and about in the community, ensuring that as many Linn County residents as possible understand the voter registration and election processes. Her goal is to help everyone eligible register to vote, and cast a ballot in every election. To help everyone vote, she is also responsible for planning for and setting up our Satellite Voting locations.

Outside the office, Valerie enjoys gardening, camping, and synchronized swimming.