Election Modernization & Integrity Act (Voter ID)

The State of Iowa has passed new voting laws which require specific identification forms at the polls, shorten the period for casting an absentee ballot, do away with straight party voting, and more.

Many of these law changes are not effective until 2018. Some changes are effective immediately. It is best to read through this information carefully to see when the change is effective. 

Please click here for an expanded explanation of the new Election Modernization & Integrity Act law.

Starting July 1, 2017:

Straight Party Voting will no longer be an option on partisan ballots.

Polling Place Selfies will be allowed, as long as they don’t interfere with others voting.

Registering to vote on Election Day (or any day after the pre-registration deadline):

  • Prove who you are with a current photo ID that has an expiration date on it, AND
  • Prove where you live using your lease, or documents dated in the past 45 days.

Starting January 1, 2018:

Requesting an Absentee Ballot to be sent by mail:  

  • Submit your request no earlier than 120 days before each election. 
  • Submit your request by 5:00 pm on the pre-registration deadline for that election (the Saturday 10 days before for General Elections, the Friday 11 days before for other elections).
  • Your Voter Verification number will be required on your Absentee Ballot Request.
  • Absentee Ballots will be mailed out between 29 days and 10 days before Election Day.
  • Deadline for mailing back voted absentee ballots is still postmarked the day before the election.

Voting absentee in-person before Election Day will begin 29 days before Election Day and will run through the day before the election.

The following portion of new law will be phased in during 2018 for voters to adjust to the new requirements.

MANDATORY starting January 1, 2019:

Voters will need to show  Approved ID: 

  • Current Iowa Driver’s License or Iowa Non-Driver ID
  • Current U.S. Passport
  • Current U.S. Military ID
  • U.S. Veteran’s ID
  • New Voter ID Card that will be mailed automatically and free of charge to any registered voter who does not have an Iowa Driver’s License or Iowa Non-Driver ID.

If the voter does not have an ID to present, an attester (someone who is registered to vote and resides in the same general election precinct as the voter) may attest to the voter's identity.

Additional information available at: www.sos.iowa.gov/voterid

Starting in 2019:

17- year olds will be able to register and vote in partisan and city Primary Elections if they will be 18 on the related General Election Day.

School and City elections will be combined onto the same Election Day, in November.