Plans and Reports

Master PlansMaster Plans

The Linn County Conservation Board approved Master Plans in 2015 for the 3 county flagship parks. The purpose and goals of the master park plans are to:

  • Serve as a guide for future development of the parks
  • Provide a means to determine best uses for the park and to optimize management of the parks' natural and man-made resources
  • Serve as a general guide for future appropriate park uses and their approximate location within the park
  • Create a long range vision (10-20 years) for future development and programming

Morgan Creek Park Master Plan (PDF)

Pinicon Ridge Park Master Plan (PDF)

Squaw Creek Park Master Plan (PDF)

Annual Reports

The Linn County Conservation Board compiles and submits a fiscal year annual report to the Linn County Board of Supervisors.

2018 Conservation Board Annual Report (PDF)

2017 Conservation Board Annual Report (PDF)

2016 Conservation Board Annual Report (PDF)