Requesting Assistance

Requesting Rent, Mortgage Interest or Utility Assistance

First Step: Complete Screening Form

There are two ways to complete the screening form:

  • Complete the screening form in-person at the General Assistance (GA) office, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. No appointment needed.
    • Applicant must provide:
      • Picture ID
      • Social Security cards for all household members
  • Complete and submit the screening form online.
    • Download and complete the screening form online (PDF).
      • Note: Save the screening form to the computer before completing and submitting. If it is not saved, the screening form submitted will be blank.
    • Submit the screening form.
    • The screening form will be valid for 10 business days (or two weeks) from the time of submission. Applicant must come into the GA office to complete the application process and will need to provide:
      • Picture ID
      • Social Security cards for all household member

Second Step: Set Appointment with Income Maintenance Worker

If GA staff determines the applicant is eligible for assistance, the following steps are required:

  • An intake worker will schedule an appointment with an income maintenance worker for eligible applicants. This step usually occurs two weeks after the first step is completed.
    • Eligible applicants will receive an application packet from the intake worker once an appointment is scheduled. The application packet is to be completed prior to coming to the scheduled appointment.
  • Complete the application packet including:
    • Household information
    • Read and sign a Release of Information
    • All GA applicants are required to apply for food assistance at DHS. Households with children must apply for the Family Investment Program (FIP). Applications for DHS assistance can be completed online.
    • Landlord Verification Form
    • Read and sign the Good Tenants Rules
  • Complete other forms as necessary for your application which may include:
    • Employer Statement, if starting or ending employment within the last 60 days
    • Incapacity Report, if unable to work due to a health concern

Third Step: Meeting with Income Maintenance Worker

  • Bring the following documentation to the scheduled meeting (listed in application packet):
    • Photo ID
    • Social Security cards for all household members
    • Income verification for eligible household members for previous 30 days
    • Most recent bank statement
    • Must apply for Low-income Heat Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) at HACAP November – April
    • Copy of lease for rental unit
    • Utility bill if applying for utility assistance
    • Signed Incapacity Report Form from medical provider if unable to work
    • Must provide verification if applying for Social Security benefits
  • If applicant is deemed eligible for services, vouchers will be issued at the end of the appointment.
    • Rent, mortgage interest assistance and utility assistance is paid by voucher directly to landlord, lending institution or utility company
    • Food, non-food or transportation vouchers will be issued during the appointment for immediate use