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Sheriff's Office - Linn County, IA

Posted on: May 21, 2019

Linn County Sheriff's Office Receives Credible Leadership Organization Certification

CLO Certification

May 21, 2019

Sheriff Brian Gardner

Linn County Sheriff’s office

310 2nd Avenue SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Dear Sheriff Gardner,

On behalf of the Commissioners of the Criminal Justice Commission on Credible Leadership (CJCCLD) of the National Command & Staff College (NCSC), I am delighted to recognize the Linn County Sheriff’s Office as a Credible Leadership Organization (CLO).  With this recognition, your agency is now among the two (2) law enforcement agencies in America our Commission has officially recognized as a CLO.  BRAVO! 

As you may already know, receiving this recognition requires a commitment to building an agency which represents the highest level of ethical standards and dedicated to developing personnel with an unparalleled level of service capability and orientation to the community. Besides administering and enforcing the law, the agency must evolve to meet current and anticipate future demands by continuously developing human and organizational capacity to build and stabilize ideas in the agency and within the community. It is not enough to develop a new cadre of Certified Credible Leaders; the organization has a responsibility to put these new change agents to work by:

Focusing on human capacity development – Staff is viewed in terms of a single force that is creative, motivated to contribute, qualified to build an idea to permanence, career oriented and promotable.

Being involved in community betterment – Serve and Protect will encompass a new social contract with the community where problems will be addressed with locally defined matrixes of partners with new credible leaders serving in a significant leadership role.

Developing a leadership learning environment – Leadership training, education and professional development and, most important, application is continuous and of the highest possible quality. Encouraging credible leaders to be independent thinkers to improve processes and resolve problems they see to improve the organization and by extension, the community; this requires an open environment and acceptance of critical thinking.

Incubating ideas – New ideas improve the organization and meet community needs through invigorated and enlightened leadership, long-term persistence and especially resources for project development. Direction from leadership, but with clear encouragement of new independent ideas, demonstrates support and motivation for staff. Application of new ideas from staff is a clear illustration of leadership at its best.

In your journey to achieve Credible Leadership Organization merit in the last 5 years, you have accomplished the above and more with a sincere sense of duty, obligation and supererogation.  A significant number of your sworn and civilian personnel have completed over 6,000 hours of ethical based leadership education and developmental programs on a voluntary basis.  This has included reading eight (8) books, taken over 1,400 exams with eight (8) members going beyond to achieving the “Credible Leader Certification” from the college.  Furthermore, our recent randomized polls within your county has revealed a community satisfaction index of 93% and a customer service rating of 91%.  Over 75% of your community members say they find your agency to be professional, caring, ethical and responsive with a high sense of safety for the community you serve.     

It is my honor and pleasure to acknowledge your agency for this national achievement.   The Linn County Sheriff’s office truly exemplifies “Credible Leadership Organizations” as envisioned by our Commission for America. 


Mitch Javidi, Ph.D.,

Chancellor, National Command & Staff College

Adjunct Professor, NC State University

Founder, Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development

Honorary Member, US Army Special Operations Command 1999

Honorary Sheriff ~ Awarded by the National Sheriff’s Association 2015

National Command & Staff College
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