10260 Morris Hills Road
Toddville, IA 52341


Link: Linn County Conservation Page

(temporary hours due to COVID-19)
Wickiup Hill Learning Center
8:00 - 4:00 p.m. M - F
Excluding Holidays

Services available by phone, email, mail, and drop box
at Linn County Public Service Center.

Name Title Email Phone
Goemaat, Dennis Executive Director 319-892-6450
Gibbins, Daniel Deputy Director 319-892-6450
Burke, Randy Outdoor Recreation Planner 319-892-6450
Bogard, Chuck Operations Manager 319-892-6460
Schlader, Ryan Community Outreach Specialist 319-892-6450
Kastens, Catherine Office Coordinator 319-892-6450
Layton, John Senior Account Clerk 319-892-6450
Donovan, Deanna Senior Clerk 319-892-6450
Reilly, Shaun Resource Manager - Morgan Creek Park Ranger 319-892-6477
Fossum, Josh Assistant Resource Manager 319-892-6477
Batchelder, Aaron Resource Manager - Pinicon Ridge Park Ranger 319-438-6616
Deaver, Steve Assistant Resource Manager 319-438-6616
Baumann, Jason Resource Manager - Squaw Creek Park Ranger 319-892-6445
Reu, Joe Assistant Resource Manager 319-892-6445
Corbett, Jenny Lead Conservation Education Specialist 319-892-6485
Ungs, Chuck Conservation Education Specialist 319-892-6485
Wendt, Sarah Conservation Education Specialist 319-892-6485
Kellogg, Dana Natural Resources Manager 319-892-6446
Huck, Andrew Ecologist and Land Protection Specialist 319-892-6448
Nemmers, Tony Natural Resources Specialist 319-892-6448
Rector, Kent Nature Center Manager 319-892-6485