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Linn County Expungement and Resource Clinic Application

  1. Do you need a translator?

  2. Have you been denied employment or housing because of your criminal record?

  3. Do you currently have difficulty registering a vehicle or getting a driver’s license because of your criminal record?

  4. Do you currently have issues related to “court debt” (fines, restitution, public defender fees, jail fees, etc.)?

  5. Have you been garnished, threatened with jail if you do not pay, or had your bail money or tax refunds offset, because of unpaid court debt?

  6. Please read the disclaimer below before submitting this form. You may call Iowa Legal Aid at 515-243-1193 as an alternative to submitting this form online.

  7. Disclaimer*

    By submitting this form, you agree to hold Linn County and its employees harmless for any damages you may incur in the unlikely event that the information you supplied is compromised during its electronic transfer, storage or use by contractors and/or vendors to include unauthorized access by other parties. You further acknowledge that any personal information you provide on this form may be a public record pursuant to Code of Iowa Chapter 22 and may be provided to other parties upon their request.

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